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Last September I bought my son Dylan a dog to replace his dog that passed away, well this past Monday that dog was picked up and put in the pound because he was accused of something that he was proven not to have done but because of his breed he is being held in the pound until we can register him with the city and the state. The only problem with that is we are a little short on cash to get him out of the pound.
Dylan is very depressed about the fact that his dog is missing. the cost to get him out is $400 I have set up a paypal account to help raise money to rescue him if you can help please click here to
Anything will help we have till the 18th of September to get him out or he will be put down. We would hate to see our family pet and my son's best friend put down for something that he didn't do, the dog that actually did what our Neko was accused of has been found so we need your help to bring Neko home he has already been in the pound for 5 days, sleeping on a cold wet cement floor. SO if you can PLEASE help thank you!

Neko’s Family

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Thank you! Neko